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Conversemos 2 eBook

The Conversemos 2 beginner Spanish online eBook has been designed specifically for the advanced beginner adult learner who has taken a basic Spanish class in the past and wishes to improve conversational skills.

Learning Objectives:
Continue to develop listening and comprehension skills.
Be able to understand basic Spanish vocabulary and grammar.
Be able to communicate basic information and ideas in Spanish
Be able to read and understand basic Spanish text.
Topics Covered:

Review of Level 1 material
New Vocabulary: Seasons, months, days, clothing, weather, directions, places in the community, shopping, descriptions of people, restaurant vocabulary, making phone calls, and general conversational phrases.
New grammar: Differences between Ser and Estar, the verb Gustar and similar verbs, demonstrative adjectives, irregular present-tense verbs, expressing the future (ir + a + infinitive) and past (present perfect tense).

eBook Includes:
Pronunciation Skills: Click and listen to the native pronunciation of all of the new vocabulary words.
Images: See and hear the words represented in pictures.
Practice: Learn with digital flashcards to help you internalize the new vocabulary words.
Tips: Read grammar and language tips to help you build a stronger foundation in Spanish.
Flashcards: Choose the option to download and print out paper flashcards to take them wherever you go.
Homework: Practice some more! This is not graded homework, but rather ideas to practice alone or with friends.
Extra Resources: There are so many great (free!) resources on the web to learn Spanish. Each lesson, there are links to at least 3 sites to help take your Spanish to the next level.

Access: 6 month
Certificate of Completion: Available upon successful passing the Final Exam
Extra Resources: Links to the free Spanish-learning resources on the web to further your knowledge
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  • Optional Conversation Practice with a Spanish Tutor
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed