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Spanish for Educators (EDU)

Spanish for Educators is an add-on to Spanish for the Workplace for those in the education field. It is a self-paced, online Spanish conversation course that seeks to bridge the communication gap between English and Spanish speakers, ideal for teachers, administrators, and anyone working with Spanish-speaking students and parents.

Topics include: Common Job Titles in Education, Receptions, Registration, Places in a School, Essential Phrases, Classroom Objects, Action Verbs, “Commands” Used in an Educational Setting, Behaviors,
Study Skills, Courses, Expressions for Younger Students, School Rules
  • Welcome
  • "Pronto Guide" - Vocabulary List
  • Quizlet - Optional Digital Flashcards & Vocabulary Games
  • Tip - Recording Course Progress
  • Spanish for Educators
  • School Terms
  • School Phrases
  • Teaching Terms & Phrases
  • Conclusion
  • Spanish for Educators Assessment
  • Practice with a Language Coach
  • Conclusion
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever